Frame-Grab Tutorial:
VLC Media Player

How to use the VLC media player to grab frames from a DVD or video -- step by step.

As of April 18, 2011, there is a more up-to-date video tutorial to take you throught these steps.

It is Windows-based, but the Mac version is very similar.

Install VLC

Set VLC's Preferences for Frame Grabbing (i.e., Snapshots)

Before you grab your first frame, it's a good idea to set some basic preferences so that your frames will be of most use.

Under the Video snapshot category set the following items:

View a DVD

Unless you let VLC take over all your video needs during the installation, when you insert a DVD your computer will probably start playing it with some other piece of software. Stop that playback and then start VLC.

VLC interface

Grab a Frame (Take a Snapshot)

Presuming you've already set VLC's video preferences (see above), you're now ready to grab frames, or, as VLC put it, take snapshots.

Shot Logger Requirements

Shot Logger is an online service that facilitates the statistical analysis of television and film.

For more information

Additional instructions are available on the VLC Website.

See for the full frame-grab tutorial.

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